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Areas of Practice


Divorce, separation, adultery, cruelty, domestic violence, division of property, seperate vs. community property, temporary orders

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Child Custody Disputes

CPS, SAPCR/custody suits, modifying orders, enforcement/contempt actions, SPO, supervised visitation, protective orders, drug testing

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Foster to adopt, termination and stepparent adoption, attorney ad litem and amicus attorney, adoption study, background checks

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Criminal Defense

Assault, family violence, drug offenses and DWI, sexual offenses, order of non-disclosure, expunge your record, prevent case being filed, juvenile law
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Tax and Business Planning

Federal and local tax research, business planning and drafting, tax controversy, choice of entity, tax minimization strategies

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Hiring an attorney is a very personal choice. You not only need someone with experience and legal knowledge; you will be trusting your future to a person you have never met. With this in mind, we believe representing clients is primarily about transparency, communication and trust, each of which goes hand-in-hand. We are open and transparent in providing legal advice and this often means brutal honesty regarding the viability of your objectives; we will fight for you, but only after you know the stakes and are making an informed decision. Similarly, we recognize that you want an attorney that listens and advocates for “your side of the story.” You cannot trust us unless we are willing to listen to your goals and your perspective and zealously advocate for your legitimate objectives. Texas lawyers, when licensed, swear to advocate for their client’s legitimate objectives and to “not be deterred by any real or imagined fear of judicial disfavor or public unpopularity, nor be influenced by mere self-interest.” We take this seriously and recognize that in a proceeding where your perspective can seem to be drowned out, we must voice your side of the story loudly and clearly.

If you are facing such a legal challenge, your entire life may be turned upside down. If you are like most people, you probably hoped you would never need to hire a lawyer. Now that you know you need one, though, what are the most important things to look for?