7 Protective Order Myths Busted -TLC Law PLLC in Tyler TX
General Law

7 Protective Order Myths Busted

Protective orders are publicly viewed as easy to obtain, straightforward, and limited in scope. The reality is quite different. In this post, I’ll bust just a few of the common myths surrounding protective orders.

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Parental Rights in a Lesbian Marriage - Lesbian Parents - TLC Law, PLLC in Tyler TX
Family Law

Parentage in a Lesbian Marriage

Texas lesbian marriages can have some complexities when it comes to parental rights during separation or divorce. Learn about protecting parental rights through donor agreements and expert legal guidance.

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How do I get Sole Custody in Tyler, TX and East Texas Counties - TLC Law, PLLC
Family Law

How do I get Sole Custody in Tyler, TX and East Texas Counties?

Sole custody is a term thrown around a lot. In my office in downtown Tyler I meet with numerous potential clients seeking an attorney for a family law case. This post will break down the different parental rights and duties in a custody case. This will give parents a better understanding of what they can, or perhaps should, get in their family law case.

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