The S Corporation Trap - TLC Law PLLC - Tyler, TX
Tax Law

The S Corporation Trap

S corporations can be a great tool for a small family-owned business, but outside of certain scenarios, it is not a structure generally recommended to my clients. The present tax savings just aren’t worth the potential traps. Continue reading to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the S Corp structure. 

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Do I have to testify for a Family Law Case? TLC Law, PLLC in Tyler, TX
Family Law

Do I have to Raise My Right Hand?

In family law cases, including custody disputes, termination and adoption cases, enforcement cases, and the other types of family disputes, clients often wonder: “Do I even have to go to court? And what can I expect if I have to testify?” This post focuses on a few general rules of thumb regarding court hearings in family law cases.

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Family Law Court in Texas but live out of state - TLC Law PLLC, Tyler TX
Family Law

Have court in Texas but live out of state? Here’s what you can do

So, you’ve been served with court paperwork that court is in Texas, but you are not. This may not be surprising to you if your spouse or the other parent live in Texas, or if you left Texas just recently. Or it could come as a shock. You ask yourself: what do I do now? Fortunately there are some steps you can take to make this process easier. If you have court in Texas but reside out of Texas you desperately need to retain a Texas attorney, and one with experience dealing with family law jurisdictional battles.

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