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We practice criminal and family law in several East Texas counties, including Gregg, Smith, Rusk, Cherokee, and Henderson counties. We office in Tyler however, so travel costs can become an issue if you have a case in more distant counties, such as Anderson county. We will discuss travel costs and are often lenient and will work with you to cut down on costs. For tax cases, however, we are more expansive and can practice pretty much anywhere in the United States as going to court is rare and the governing law is largely federal. If the case or planning engagement involves drafting any legal documents, we are only licensed in Texas and can therefore, only draft legal documents in the State of Texas.
Clients often ask us this question. Of course, we prefer that you hire us to represent you, but we realize that some want to go it alone and some might be better off financially if they represent themselves. For example, we recently had a client contact us to represent them in a tax case with an owed tax obligation of $15,000. Our retainer for that type of case was quoted at $10,000. Therefore, it made little financial sense for the client to hire an attorney at nearly the same cost as their total tax obligation. Along the same vein, potential divorce clients occasionally have an uncontested divorce with no significant property and no children. In this circumstance, we can counsel a client on where to obtain free resources to proceed pro se (without an attorney). We desire low-drama, effective legal solutions for our clients’ problems and sometimes that means pointing a potential client in the right direction and allowing the client to proceed on their own.

You have probably contacted other attorneys or may do so after you visit our website. We don’t pretend to know what every potential client wants in an attorney, but we have the experience and knowledge to know a few basic principles you should adhere to before hiring an attorney:

  • Be wary of attorneys that make unequivocal promises: Some attorneys will make promises to get your business. Few cases however are slam-dunk cases. We will tell you how your case could resolve, but we don’t believe in painting a rosy picture if….well, the picture isn’t rosy.
  • Be wary of a confusing fee structure: Admittedly, the total legal fees you pay to any attorney is often uncertain, for numerous reasons. But you should understand the fee structure and should demand an explanation for a given fee structure. We strive to be transparent on fee structures.
  • Ensure an attorney has experience with cases like yours: Ensure that the attorney you contact regularly takes cases like yours. Contrary to what you might think, there are many, many areas of law, each of which is relatively specialized. You wouldn’t go to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to diagnose your foot pains. Don’t go to a personal injury attorney if they don’t have experience as a tax lawyer.
  • We have three primary mechanisms for collecting your fee. The first, and most common, is a retainer. With a retainer, you pay a fixed amount up front which is then deposited into a trust account. As the case progresses, we bill our time against your money in the trust account. At the end of every month, we will transfer money earned into our business checking account as a payment for our services. You will be notified when this occurs and will receive a statement with the remaining balance of your retainer payment. Once the retainer gets low, you may be asked to replenish it. However, if your case concludes with money left in your retainer, you will receive a check for the remaining balance. Various courts costs and filing fees will typically also be taken out of your retainer balance.
  • The second mechanism is a flat rate. With a flat rate, we charge a set amount at the onset of a case, and regardless of the time spent, this will be the total amount you will owe to us. Occasionally, we will make it clear that additional flat fees will be owed, but we are transparent about this and don’t hide the ball. You will not receive a refund for the fee should you choose to hire another attorney mid-way through the process or if the case gets dismissed. You might be asked to pay for filing fees, court costs and other expenses (like expert witnesses) out of pocket in addition to the amount you pay as a flat rate. This arrangement is common with criminal cases.
  • The last mechanism is a contingency fee. If a contingency fee is in place, we only get paid if you do. This is rarely utilized in our firm. Contingencies fees are highly regulated by the State Bar and can only be used in certain circumstances. As we do not typically take cases that allow for this arrangement, it is impossible for us to take most cases on a contingency basis.

Our Attorneys

Tyler Czapla

I’m Ty Czapla, a former Houston and now East Texas attorney with western roots and a deep appreciation and respect for the power of family. I’m a self-described family man; a father of two whose better half provides the tax and business planning and bankruptcy services at TLC Law. I founded TLC Law with the goal of providing affordable representation to people like me, who work hard for their money and their family but are caught up in a stressful, life-altering legal dispute and need a strong and even-handed voice. I practice primarily family law and criminal defense, and I do so in numerous counties in East Texas. I have developed the respect of numerous judges, ADAs and opposing attorneys and pride myself on being an attorney that is as professional and respectful as I am zealous in representing my clients.

Attorney Tyler "Ty" Czapla
Attorney Kacie Czapla

Kacie Czapla, CPA

I am a licensed Texas attorney with a Masters in tax law from the most recognized tax school in the world. I have practiced in an array of tax areas including individual tax, corporate tax, partnership tax, and international tax. I have gained invaluable experience in tax and business planning for all types of businesses—from the small, one man practice to the large, multi-national Exxons of the world. In addition to an expansive knowledge of tax, I also maintain a working knowledge of general business planning and drafting and bankruptcy. Very few attorneys in East Texas can boast such knowledge and accolades.

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